Professional take-home teeth whitening

Many people want whiter teeth. Numerous products available at the pharmacy claim to whiten teeth, but none do the job as thoroughly as professional whitening by a dentist. The reason is that over-the-counter products do not have a strong enough whitening agent in them to properly brighten your smile. The whitening gel we use at Seine River Dental Centre, in combination with some custom fitted mouth guards, can whiten your smile dramatically.

Some facts about our take-home teeth whitening

  • When used as directed, these products are safe
  • Dental work (fillings, crowns, dentures) will NOT be affected; only your natural teeth will whiten
  • If you have discoloured dental work such as fillings or crowns, the only way to whiten them is to replace them; this is why it is important to have a dental exam before whitening your teeth
  • Whitening may cause a temporary increase in tooth sensitivity.

How does whitening work?
The active whitening ingredient in take-home whitening gel is hydrogen peroxide, an ingredient that has been proven safe and effective in many clinical trials. We can prescribe the proper strength of gel for your particular whitening needs.

Here's the process
We begin your custom whitening procedure by making models of your teeth. We will then make custom fitted mouth guards, called trays, for your teeth. At a second appointment we will teach you how to use the whitening kit. You will then do the whitening at home when it is convenient for you.

Professional take-home teeth whitening

Talk to us about whether professional take-home whitening is best for you.