Sport mouth guards

A sport or athletic mouth guard is an important piece of equipment for athletes of any age. A professionally made mouth guard from Seine River Dental Centre is fabricated using a very strong and impact-resistant rubber material. It is designed to prevent injury to your teeth and jaw during vigorous sports. One of the lesser known benefits of a proper mouth guard is that it can also help prevent certain concussions by cushioning your teeth during impact.

How is a mouth guard made?
The first step in making a sport mouth guard is taking impressions of your teeth. From these impressions, hard models are made. Strong rubber material is then custom-molded to the models. During your second appointment, we will ensure your mouth guard fits properly and provides maximum protection.

How long will my mouth guard last?
As with most things, your mouth guard will last longer if it is properly cared for. Regular cleaning and use of a carrying case, provided free with each guard, will help prolong its life. Chewing on the guard, exposing it to bleach or boiling water, or leaving it unprotected in a duffel bag with other sports equipment will damage the guard and shorten its life.

For growing children, a new custom fitted mouth guard will need to be made regularly, at least once per year.

Sport Mouth Guards

A custom sports mouthguard will provide the best protection for your teeth.