Root canal treatment

The two main parts of your teeth are the crowns (the part you see above the gum) and the roots. Inside every tooth is a channel that contains pulp - the nerves and blood vessels that bring the tooth vital nutrition it needs to grow and stay healthy. The channels inside the roots are called canals.

There are many dental problems that can cause disease in the pulp. Sometimes an injury such as a hard blow, or a crack in the tooth can damage the living tissue inside. However, the most common cause of pulp damage is from a cavity (tooth decay).

When a cavity grows very deep into a tooth, harmful bacteria can cause irreversible damage to the pulp. If left untreated, the tooth may die resulting in an infection called an abscess. This can be very painful.

There are different reasons why root canal treatment may be recommended by Seine River Dental. It could be required because a tooth is infected/abscessed, because it is cracked, or because it is excessively sensitive. Whatever the cause, performing endodontics (root canal treatment) on a tooth removes any remaining nerve tissue inside the tooth and makes it feel pain-free.

Performing endodontics relieves the pain of an infected, sore or sensitive tooth, but it also weakens the tooth slightly. We often recommend placing a crown onto the tooth soon after the root canal has been done to prevent the tooth from breaking.

Root canal treatment

The outside of your tooth protects the delicate canals and nerves inside.