Children's dentistry

Baby teeth, also called primary teeth, are important. These teeth help children chew food for good nutrition, and smile for good self esteem. They are also very important for the development of proper speech, and help guide permanent teeth into position.

Tooth decay in baby teeth tends to grow quickly, leading to pain or infection. This can result in poor sleep and poor nutrition for your child, affecting their overall health.

Developing good oral hygiene habits at a young age is important for all children. We recommend a child's first dental visit by age 1. At this appointment the dentist will examine your child's mouth, and discuss proper oral hygiene with you. We advise beginning regular visits for dental cleanings and check-ups at the age of 3, when we will establish recommendations based on your child's needs.

At Seine River Dental Centre, we feel strongly that pediatric dental care is important for giving children the proper foundation for a healthy life, from childhood through adolescence and beyond. A healthy mouth is essential for a healthy body!

Children's dentistry

Good brushing habits are best established at an early age.